We are our own Idol

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is a story found in the book of Joshua chapter 24.  Here is an old Joshua, who is getting ready to die, passing on some final thoughts.  He urges them to worship the true God and the people respond with a hearty, we want to do that.  Joshua’s response is, you can’t.  You have chosen other gods and it can’t be both so choose one or the other.  They choose God not the idols, and this choice lasts all but 30 seconds.

The reason I like this story is because this same dilemna plagues each one of us everyday.  I am around students all the time who say whole heartedly they are sincere followers of Christ, but the next minute are making a decision that goes directly against what Christ’s teachings would say.  The students live out their faith this way because for many of them this is the example that is set for them by the adults they see. Now let’s be honest people love living this way.  They get to feel spiritual, yet make their own decisions and life choices.  This sounds so neat and tidy and how many people are coasting through life thinking that this is okay with God.  It is okay with one of their gods, themselves.  We are our own idol.  We do life always thinking what is best for us, or what will make us the most happy.   And then as a side comment we mention that, God wants us to be happy anyway. God wants us to choose.  Ultimately all of Israel’s idols and our idols revolve around us.  And this choice is not one made with words but with actions.  And this is where it gets difficult.  Students as well as adults have this inherent need for self-gratification.  We must stop making decisions that, show the whole world that we bow down to ourselves. 


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