Why God made families!

For the last 12 Labor Day weekends my family has had a family reunion at a resort in Southern MO, on the Lake of the Ozarks.  My wife and I have found this to be a great weekend to relax, catch up with family, and basically do nothing.  In that time we have started many traditions.  One of them includes a three person sling shot.

Now when this tradition started three of us would stand on the porch of our rented house and aim water balloons at a sign that was on the edge of the lake at least 200 feet away.  This tradition has been held for the last several years.  This year however the tradition changed.  We decided to have someone take a chair down to the sign and sit in front of it to see if we could hit them. 

It is all fun and games until you are sitting in the chair and a water balloon that looks like a missile is headed for your chest.  At this point I get out of the chair, and the balloon hits the chair so hard that it knocks the chair over.  So I stand up and let someone else sit in the chair and stand about 5 feet away.  Bad Idea.

I get a text message and in the midst of reading it I get the sense to look up.  As I look up a water balloon is headed for my head.  I flinch in time to have it graze off the side of my head, believing that if it had hit me head on, I probably would have been knocked out or at least badly bruised. 

All this to say, I love my family.  Who else can you do these stupid things with and not worry about getting sued.   


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