To be quite Honest

I believe there is a certain value in our society that is basically non-existant now, and that value is truth.  The fact that “honesty” and “truth” are values not practiced anymore directly effects student ministries. 

These traits are no longer valued or considered necessary in modern society.  This idea was reinforced to me when in 2002 Time magazine named Cynthia Cooper(Worldcom), Coleen Rowley(FBI), and Sherron Watkins(Enron) their persons of the year.  Now don’t get me wrong these three women did something extremely brave that unfortunately no one else was willing to do.  You see these women told the truth.  They blew the whistle on their employers, and in doing so lost their jobs.  By putting them on the cover of Time were they not saying that the action these brave women took is know the exception and not the rule. 

How this relates to students is this.  It used to be taught that if you did something wrong you told the truth and accepted the punishment.  From there it went to if you get caught doing something wrong; you then told the truth and accepted the punishment.  Today it is, if you get caught doing something wrong deny, lie, and blame it on everyone else taking no responsibility.  I can’t tell you how unnerving this is.  Yet teachers and others put up with it everyday. 

So what do we do?  How do we change the wave that is pushing values like integrity and honesty out to sea?  Ultimately it comes down to practicing these values.  We want others to practice these qualities when in reality we chose to practice them when they are convenient. 

So today and everyday may we make an effort to value these things before they are completely gone.


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