The Science of Sacrifice

In the book, The Present Future author Reggie McNeal shares a story of his wife cleaning apartments in New York City two months after September 11th.  He states that after explaining to New Yorkers what they were doing; they had excellent opportunities to share the gospel with them.  He concludes the story with this statement,

“They listened because the New Yorkers were persuaded that Cathy and her fellow cleaners believed something so strongly that it had caused them to inconvience themselves in service to people.”

As I read this I thought about another incredible story of sacrifice I had read.  On February 3, 2005 the Kansas City Star ran a story of two women who made an extreme sacrifice.  These two women quit their jobs in California and moved to Santa Maria, California.  They found jobs working the night shift so they could get up at 4:00a.m. and stand vigil.  What would be so important for them to make such great a sacrifice, (drum roll please) Michael Jackson.  They got up before the sun so they could stand at the courthouse and support him. 

For most of us this sounds strange and ridiculous but think of the sacrifice they were willing to make.  They gave up their livelyhood for a celebrity.  And we aren’t willing to give up much for a Savior. 

The call to sacrifice is clearly biblical but to uncomfortable for most.  If asked why we don’t sacrifice more, we can make all kinds of excuses but ultimately it comes down to selfishness.  Consider that any time you are UNwilling to sacrifice for Christ you are putting yourSELF before Him which is selfishness. 

Can we please stop being put to shame by avid pop star fans.


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