Middle Schoolers having Sex

This article was posted on msnbc’s website, Maine Middle School to offer Birth Control.

While some of you might be shocked by this, I think what is more shocking is the casual attitude about this.  It does not shock me that middle schoolers are having sex, the reality is that our culture and parents have actually encouraged it.  Encouraged not by saying, “go have sex” but encouraged it by not having discussions about it and letting teenagers decide for themselves what they deem best. 

Sex has become an emotionless act that can be done for the fun of it, without any lasting repurcussions.  In that sense it is like going to an amusement park you pay to get in, you go have a good time, and the next day you just go on with life. 

Now let’s be realistic students are paying to have sex just not with money.  They are paying with their hearts and lives, all for a moment of fun. 

Parents must get involved, please get involved.


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