5 Days of being a Dad

Saturday my wife and I welcomed Jenna Schnipper into to world.  What an overwhelming sense of responsibility to think that I am now completely responsible for the care of someone else. 

As we have waited these ninth months for her arrival I have become keenly aware of certain things.

1. I have prayed a lot more.  I found myself driving to work and thinking about her coming arrival.  These thoughts many times turned into times of prayer for her and for Peggy and I.  I desire so much to be a godly parent, one that models Christlikeness not just talks about it. 

2. I have also found myself evaluating others.  This sounds rediculous, who am I to evaluate other peoples kids and parenting skills, but the truth is I have.  I am to often a critical person and this is something I have to work on. 

3. I have to become a better listener.  It seems that when anyone that has kids finds out you are having kids, they feel it is their God-given right to give you advice.  At times this has been helpful, but at other times I have just wanted to run away screaming.  I have many things to learn and patience will be key.


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