The Roots of Endurance–Book Review

I just finished an excellent book that I would recommend to anyone in ministry, it was called The Roots of Endurance by John Piper.  Piper outlines the lives of John Newton, Charles Simeon, and William Wilberforce; three men that endured for the Gospel in the face of adversity. 

Before reading this book I had not heard of Charles Simeon but was encouraged after reading his story.  It says a lot about a man who would stay at a church, where the people forced listeners to sit in the aisles while the pews remained empty.  And to think that situation lasted 12 years and Simeon stayed for about 50 years at that church.  

Let me leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the book,

A nominal Christian is content with proving the way of salvation by a crucified Redeemer.  But the true Christian loves it, delights in it, glories in it, and shudders at the very thought of glorying in anything else… Let all your joys flow from the contemplation of his cross.

                                                       Charles Simeon


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