Prayer for Dummies

I have to admit I am not a good prayer, it is hard for me to do.  To make myself better at praying I submitted a challenge to my High School Students three Sunday nights ago.  I challenged them to pray for each other on their way to school.  I told them to turn off the radio or Ipod and just talk to God.  I also told them that I would do the same. 

The first week, I had several students say that they did it.  Last week I encouraged them to do it again and then gave them a prayer request from my personal life that I asked them to pray for.  That led to others sharing requests which was a great time of letting others carry our burdens. 

Yesterday I encouraged them again to do this and more students shared requests. 

I share all of this to say that for me it took being accountable and also a very specific prayer assignment to start me off.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my conversations with God on the way into the office.  Let me challenge you this week to turn off the music and cell phone and converse with God on the way in to work this week.  See what happens.


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