Do you love me/Am I your enemy: Sermon on the Mount pt. 10

Our high school group is walking through the Sermon on the Mount on Sunday nights and it has been a great experience for me in preparing lessons for this.  This last Sunday we got to Loving your Enemies 5:43-48.

After reading this section of Scripture I asked them who is our or your enemy.  After the awkward silence passed I got one answer, and that was Hitler.  I was expecting to hear either Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden but Hitler was going to make my point.  I shared with them that while these might be our countries enemies and thus in a round about way our enemies; the reality is that we have enemies much closer to home. 

Even though no one would say it there are people we see regularly that we may not call our enemy  but we treat them like they are.  We treat them with contempt sometimes outwardly but most of the time inwardly.  We refuse them love, thus refusing them something Christ was willing to give them.  And why do we do this, because one time they rubbed us the wrong way or said something rude to us, and now they are our enemies. 

This led me to ask, am I someone else’s enemy.  Am I difficult for a brother or sister in Christ to love.  What if I am and I just don’t know it.  Have I done something to cause it.  You see we are quick to point the finger at others, but just as there are people that we find hard to be around, we are that same person for someone else. 

The point of this passage is for us to love everyone, and by doing so those people that we consider our enemies become less of enemies.  But do you think that if we love others than we become less of an enemy to someone else?


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