Talking to God/ Sermon on the Mount pt. 12

Last night our high school students walked through the Lord’s Prayer.  As I explained and we talked about each line I think I wondered why we emphasize the wrong things.  Jesus gave the disciples the prayer and then made a comment about a certain part of the prayer.  The two verses following the Lord’s Prayer are a sort of commentary on, “and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.” 

Why would Jesus add commentary about this part of the prayer, why not the temptation part or the daily bread part?  Maybe because Jesus knew that 2000 years after He taught the discipes this He knew it would still be a problem.  Consider the subjects Jesus covers in Chapter 5: anger, lust, divorce, truth, retaliation, and loving your enemies (and some say the Bible is not relevant).  Jesus knew that one of His followers toughest challenges would be to forgive.  The question is why?

Jesus freely and sacrificially forgave us and we in turn can not do the same.  What does that say about our spiritual beliefs?  Are we saying with our actions that we deserved Jesus’ forgiveness but other people do not deserve our forgiveness.   


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