Creating ignorant Christians

In the most recent Time Magazine that I recieved in the mail I read this article, Sunday School for Atheists.  It explains how athiest parents are training their kids to be free thinking and moralistic.  What they are also doing is laying a foundation for their worldview at an early age.  These parents are helping their children think critically about matters of morality, faith, God, and life.  In reality they are doing a much better job then we are.

I can’t tell you how aggervating it is to talk to “Christians” who do not have a rational thought or idea why they believe the things they say they believe. 

Why do we trust the Bible?  Because

Why do you believe in Jesus? Because

Why do you think you are going to heaven? Because

These are the typical answers we hear from students and some adults.  These are the answers that lead me to understand why statistics say that anywhere from 75%-95% of students that attend church regularly in High School will not attend at all when they go to college. 

We have lost the ability to teach children, students, and adults to think critically about their faith.  “Because” has become a sufficient answer to life’s difficult questions.  We are doing a great job of greating at best the next generation of ambivalent Christians at worse a generation of non-Christians, who actually think they are Christians.

So what do we do?  How do we stop this trend?

1. We must be able to answer these questions for our selves before we can teach anyone else.

2. We MUST be having spiritual conversations about foundational issues (Why do I believe God exists, Why trust the Bible, etc.)

3. Understand that this world is becoming more and more anti-Christian and we must be able to respond with love, logic, and thought out responses not “because.”


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