What no Food/Sermon on the Mount pt. 13

As we continued last night going through the Sermon on the Mount with our High School Students we got to 6:16-18 which is the section on fasting.  I think it is sad that I can not remember the last time I have heard a sermon that even mentioned the need for fasting.  Why is this?

My opinion is that we live in a world where our Christianity is still taught to us in such a way to make light of sacrifice.  We want people to sacrifice but the expectation is that they won’t sacrifice a whole lot so we ask them to sacrifice a little  but not a lot.  And fasting falls into that “sacrificing a lot” category so we don’t talk about it.  But I am convinced that the need for fasting is just as prevelant as it was 2000 years ago.  I can prove this by sharing with you the reasons why people fasted in the Bible.

1. To repent of sins (who does not need a little of that)                                                      

2. To seek guidance (again who does not need a little of that)

3. To strengthen a relationship with God (again again whoe does not need a little of this)

So I ask as the season approaches that we absolutely stuff ourselves why not a little fasting to nourish the soul.  By the way I did challenge our students to fast this week.  For those of you that think I am crazy for asking a bunch of students to fast I will let you know if any did next week.


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