Things I hate about Christmas

1. snow and cold weather- if only Christmas could be celebrated in July wearing shorts and outside like Jesus meant it to be.  It’s not like he was actually born Dec. 25th anyway; so lets change it.

2. The Americanized nativity scenes that are wrong- this one really bugs me.  Jesus was not a pasty white baby with blue eyes and blonde hair.  Mary probably did not wear pastel blue.  The wise don’t have to be from three different ethnic groups and they shouldn’t even be in the nativity scene; READ THE STORY. 

3. Radio stations that play Christmas carols that have been butchered by some pop artist-I can not stand listening to an 80’s remake of a classic Christmas carol.  Please stop, no really stop.

4. cold weather-see #1

5. Christmas cards up til March- If your house is like mine then all the Christmas cards get taped to some closet or basement door.  They remain there until finally in March I have to say, hey it’s Easter, how about getting rid of the Christmas cards.

6. 30 minute waits at Wal-Mart for two items- Really you could only have two lanes open at 6:00pm on a Saturday, I don’t think so.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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