The Christmas Story Pt. 2/The story of love

At this point I could write how God loves us so much that He sent Jesus for us and that is why this is a love story, but I would like to go in a different direction.

While Scripture does not clue us in on this fact; I must assume that Joseph loved Mary very much.  When he found out Mary was pregnant he was going to divorce her.  But he was going to do it quietly.  Why, maybe he felt embarresed because the woman he was betrothed to cheated on him.  But he could have had her killed, and he did not. 

I think Mary must have loved God very much to.  To get this drastic news from the angel and to respond with, I am the Lord’s servant takes faith and love. 

I often wonder what married life was like for these two.  Did people assume they slept together before they got married?  Did they tell people the truth and get ridiculed because people thought they were crazy?  Both knowing that this baby they raised as their own, had a divine plan for His life.

Merry Christmas and God Bless 


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