How Dianna Ross brought Scripture to light for me

In the same way let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

                                                                                                                Matthew 5:16

Last night I watched the Kennedy Center Honors award show.  Not a typical practice for me but there was nothing else on.  During their tribute to Dianna Ross they had several different singers come out one at a time and sing a part of one of Dianna Ross’s greatest hits.  At the conclusion of the last song the entire crowd stands up, turns their back to the stage, where the singers were mind you, and begin to look up and applaud Dianna Ross who had just sat there during all the songs.  Not only did the audience do this but the artists that had sang her songs applauded and looked up to her.  You see the artists weren’t singing for themselves; they were singing to honor Dianna Ross.

And this was my thought.  Our lives are on that stage and people are watching.  They are watching our actions, our words, our entire lives.  The question is who is honored by your life.  For many it is ourselves.  Our lives are lived so that we get the honor.  But God wants us to live in such away that we point to Him and He gets the honor. 

  Let me ask you when you do something great do people stand and applaud you or do they applaud the God you live for?  Maybe the problem is that we could not handle anyone else getting the applause even if it is God. 

Here’s to hoping that at the end, our lives are applauded and the only thing we see of those applauding are their backs.


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