Change Part 2 Why I love change and how you can to

I can freely admit that I love change.  I grew up in a house where we would move the living room furniture around 2-4 times a year.  Sometimes we moved it out of necessity; while other times we moved it just for something different.  I love change.

Living in a smaller community, my wife and I have limited restaurant options, so we frequent the same places often.  Most of the time I could order for my wife, because she hates change, therefore when she finds something she likes, she sticks with it.  I on the otherhand will try new things often.  I love change.

Now I realize that I am probably in the minority when I say I love change, but I probably only love change when I am in control.  You see people are willing to change when they are in control of what is being changed and how the change will go about.  But if change is forced upon people that is a whole different story.

A previous pastor of mine would always say, People are not afraid of change as much as they are afraid of how you will change things.  His point being that people don’t want to be forced into changing a major part of their lives without input. 

Imagine you are about to make a major change in your life or ministry that will effect more than just yourself.  A concern you must have is how the people this change will effect are going to respond.  Now do you think they will respond better if you just walk into the room and say, here it is we are changing, this, this, and this.  How would they respond if you walked in and said, I have these ideas, there a little different and it may take some work, but what do you think.  People will respond to change if they are allowed to help in the process

This is extremely helpful in ministry settings because those people become your greatest allies.  They fight battles with you so that you are not the lone wolf.  They will even difuse what could be hostile situations because it is coming from them and not you. 

The key to learning to love change is all in the process.  When we would move the living room around, I always got a say, no matter how young I was.  My opinions were heard and respected, but not always followed.  Help others love change, by empowering them to be part of the process, it is a lot more fun that way and you may not have to do all the heavy lifting. 


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