Change Part 3 Why the pain is worth it

People will only change when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of changing.                                                              Ed Stetzer

Let me get back to my TV story, from part 1 of this series.  Being very melodramatic let me say that there was pain involved in getting rid of the old TV.  It is like it had become part of us.  But we finally did it and bought a wide-screen TV(a small one, not plasma or flat panel, we are not rich).  And one Sunday afternoon I realized the pain of learning a new controller and setting up a new TV was worth it.  I watched a football game on our new wide-screen TV and all the pain went away.  I could see most of the field and the players it was incredible.  I can’t believe I was missing this all this time.  If I had known how great it was, I would have changed earlier.

Wouldn’t we all say that about something in our life.  So many times we make changes in our lives or ministries and we look back and think why did I not make this change earlier.  Well we don’t do it because we know that the process could be tough, maybe painful, and we can not get ourselves to see past that to the point where it might all be worth it. 

Next time you are struggling with making a change in your mind try and fast forward six months to a year, when the process of changing has run its course.  Do things look better than they were before the change?  Can you see the endless opportunities this change will provide for you?  You must keep the end insight and that will make the pain of change worth it.  You must also help those that are serving with you keep the end insight.  Be ever vigilant at pumping them up and letting them know that in the end it will all be worth it.  If you can paint them a picture of the end result and it looks good to them, they will follow you through the process.



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