Book Review of Comeback Churches

I recently finished reading the book, Comeback Churches by Ed Stetzer and Mike Dodson and am currently leading a group of 10-12 adults through a discussion of the book.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and found a lot of the information helpful.  Instead of sharing thoughts about certain chapters I would like to share two thoughts I have after reading the book.

1. Prayer is a necessity.  In chapter 11 the first transformation listed in the list of the Top Ten Most Common Transformations For Comeback Churches was prayer.  And even earlier in chapter 3 that discusses Three Faith Factors, one of those factors was “a more strategic prayer effort.”  Lots of churches are being led and run based on what people think they can accomplish.  I think people long for the church that is led and run based on what God can accomplish.  For this to happen it is going to take prayer.

2. There is hope.  I was very encouraged to read a book written about churches that are making it.  Churches that have gone through difficult times and are now seeing the fruits of their labor.  As a minister this provides great encouragement for me. 

I would highly recommend this book to anyone involved in ministry.  I would also recommend getting this in the hand of key leaders at your church and discussing it.


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