Swimming in the pool of bad decisions

Last night at our student ministry we talked about, “Swimming in the pool of bad decisions.”  I went through the story of Samson and we discussed how it was a series of bad decisions that got him to the final place he was in, it was not just one bad decision. 

So many times I think we overlook this fact.  When we are finally willing to admit that we are in a bad place, most of the time we look back to the most recent bad decision, which is not often helpful.  For most of us it is a series of bad decisions that got us into our difficult situation.  Now when we finally realize where we are at, the most difficult thing to do, is to admit we did something wrong. 

Why is it that we are so uncomfortable saying, “I made a mistake?”  Is it because it shows we are fallible; well guess what we all are.  There is freedom in being able to say, “I fail sometimes.”  But that freedom is at the expense of being authentic and real in front of people you are trying to put on a show for. 

So next time you find yourself treding water in the pool of bad decisions, just say, “Sorry I screwed up,” it’s not that bad. 


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