Spring Break Retreat/Things not seen often in Student Ministry

We got back last night from our Spring Break retreat and here are the highlights.  The first two are things you don’t often see in Student Ministry

1. Sunday afternoon there were 2 High School students playing a game with 6 Middle School students.  This is not suppose to happen; high school students are not suppose to enjoy spending time with middle school students.

2. At the same time as #1 there were three students playing a game with 5 adults, and these adults were the same age as their parents.  Mind you this is during free time no one forced them to play games together they just did.  Maybe I am just spoiled

3.  23 students sat through and enjoyed 4 forty minute Bible studies.  That whole idea of students only being able to listen for 15 minutes is only true if the teacher is not engaging and just tells stories.  I am convinced that I have found the BEST student teacher, this was his 5th retreat for me and my students want him back.

4. Adults putting in their calendars the dates for the next retreat that is 5 months away.  Adults that have teenagers don’t want to spend weekends with teenagers.   Well that is not true for me, I have some great help.

A lot of other great stuff went on, but here are some highlights


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