Who me? I didn’t sin.

In today’s publication of the USAToday newspaper there is this article, “Has the ‘notion of sin’ been lost.”  I find it interesting to see what people consider a “sin” and what is not a sin.  But in my opinion that is the whole problem, they asked people what they thought was a sin.

If I get to decide what is sin and what is not sin then that makes me the moral judge, which would be fine except that I am a sinner.  Since I am a sinner I would not be a good authority on what sin is and is not.  It would be like asking a Honda salesmen to tell you what the best brand of car is, he has a biased way of thinking. 

If we really want to know what sin is then we have to ask someone that could be considered an unbiased moral judge.  That would rule out all sinners because they would tend to be biased towards other peoples sins and not their own.  So that leaves God to be the judge.  So if God is the judge, then only His opinion matters with regards to what “sin” is and is not. 


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