Dads don’t babysit your kids!

This week I switched my day off to Thursday so my wife could go substitute teach at her old school.  She enjoys doing this and it gives me some time to spend alone with our five month old daughter Jenna.  Well Jenna and I got stir crazy and we needed some stuff so we went to the store. 

As I came in to the store pushing the cart with the carseat on top of it, the greeter said, “oh babysitting today.”  To which I replied, “No it is my dayoff and my wife is at work.”  This bothered me a little, but I was talking to a family member about this that night, and they said, “why is it when a dad is out with his kid it is babysitting.”

As I thought about it, I got more bothered.  You see if my wife walked in to the store pushing the cart with our baby in it, then everyone would assume there is a mom taking her daughter to the store, but if I do it then I am babysitting.  Why can’t I just enjoy spending time with my baby and take her on an errand with me.

Now I since I do Student ministry I have seen my share of students that have grown up in homes without fathers and how that hurts them.  But has it gotten so bad that a dad that does spend time with his kid is automatically just babysitting. 


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