Why sports are ruining students: Part 1 COMPETITION

Before I begin this let me share with you that I enjoy sports.  I enjoy watching and playing many different sports.  I was overjoyed to see KU win the National Championship.  But I am watching something happen with regards to sports that I believe is not good.

So with that in mind I write this three part series dealing with Competition, Losing-no one can, and The blatant “I” in team.

I believe that a certain level of competition is healthy and important.  It allows students to rise to the occasion.  It pushes some to be better athletes, students, employees.  So I am NOT saying that competition is all bad, but it can, and I believe has gone to far.

We live in a day when upper elementary school and middle school students are being told that if they want to be good at a sport they must play in “competitve leagues.”  Some of these leagues require large amounts of money, time, and travel.  So at an age where students are still learning the fundamentals of a sport, they are already being told there is a league for those that are not good and a league for those that are better.  They are indirectly taught that their life must revolve around this game.  How are they taught this, by the large amount of time spent traveling to practice and games and the amounts of money spent for them to play in these leagues.

What we are teaching students at a very early age is a lesson they will carry with them.  You are always going to be better than other students, and it is okay to let everybody know.  One of the problems with this, is that most of these students have no idea how to handle it when they face someone that is actually better than them.  You see they have been so busy stepping on other students, they have never thought about what they were doing to others until it is done to them. 

Students are also seeing everything as a competition.  Everyone has to BE the best, HAVE the best, and DO the best.  Nothing is done or played for the fun or enjoyment of it.  If there is no winner and loser what is the point in doing something. 

Because of this attitude about competition, students are finding their self-worth and value in winning.  So that means the are happy and great when they win, but when they lose, it is not just a lose, it is an attack on who they are as a person.  Students that find their value in accomplishments(winning) find very little need for character. 



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