Where I am failing in Student Ministry

We have these cute Christians phrases like, “every member is a minister,” or “every Christian is a missionary.”  These statements have a hint of truth but also a false truth.  It is true that every follower of Christ is to be ministering in some way.  What that usually translates into for students is working in the nursery on Sunday morning and helping in Vacation Bible School.  So now not only is the Student Minister a glorified babysitter, in some people’s eyes, but so are the students. 

Now we have spent time in Bible Study talking about ministering to people and how we do that, but I have failed in the assumption that this can be taught through words and not through actions.  You see I think ministering is “caught” more than traditionally “taught.”  Is that why Jesus did not send the disciples to the best school, but said come with me. 

So here is where I am at.  Trying to find opportunities and avenues to get students to catch ministering WITHOUT forsaking the Gospel.  You see I want students to care about their community, their friends, and their world because of the Gospel.  I can remember discussing with people that the difference “good” people that do “good” things and Christians that do the same things is motivation.  Christians should be motivated by the Gospel.  We should be motivated to act like Jesus and “be” the church as opposed to just talking about it. 

I wish this was easy.  But easy does not require faith.  So here’s to hopefully finding some creative ways to “give for the gospel” in our community


2 thoughts on “Where I am failing in Student Ministry

  1. Hey Ben. Long time no talk. Good discussion thoughts. I’ve been kind of trying to figure out how get them to catch the whole service idea as well. It’s a tough one for sure. It helps me to remember that not everyone in the crowd will catch it and go deeper. But I’m looking for those five or six core kids that are ready to go deeper and move them into actual service while I also move the outter kids closer to the core and so on…

    It’s the new age of youth ministry. Those relationships are what matter. I need to do more of what you are suggesting by taking students with me to minister to other students. It’s something that I feel strongly about but don’t always live out. Time for that to change.

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