Get free birth control and morality at your public school

This morning I watched this video that discussed giving out free birth control to kids at school.  They shared the typical pros and cons: the percentage of teenage pregnancy has gone up in years, a pregnancy effects a teenagers life, but what about telling the parents.As I watched this I thought it was a very balanced story.  The biggest problem I have, and it was not even discussed, is who gave permission to any school to teach morality.  When did morality become a subject at school like math and english.  Before you read into what I am saying, I am NOT saying that this is all the public schools fault.  In fact if I asked them, they would probably tell me that they would prefer not to do this, but since parents are not, someone has to.  And to a point they are right. 

But what if I disagree with the stance of morality they are taking?  Who gets to decide what side of a moral question the school is going to take?  Because the side they take is going to be interpreted as the correct side by children in elementary classes. 

In the end this is not the schools fault.  In a real sense they are trying to fill a cultural void that has been left by parents unwilling to take the time to have difficult conversations and follow through on them.  I guess this only gets changed when parents step and play the role of parent.  I can say with certainty that my daughter will here about morality at home.



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