Attitude: The Key to Contentment

It often seems that when God is trying to get my attention, with regards to something in my life, He puts it in front of my face multiple times.  This has happened the last couple weeks and the subject was attitude.  Let me share how God but this in on my mind.


1.  I have been leading a Sunday morning Bible Study through the Peacemaker small group material.  I can’t remember what lesson it was but the author, Ken Sande, made this statement, “People will stay in a difficult situation as long as they feel like there is hope.” 


For me this was a comment about attitude.  There are times when we may be in a hopeless situation, but many times we label situations as hopeless simply because we already have a bad attitude.


2. I also get Time magazine and in the June 9th issue, the cover article is How to survive a Disaster.  This was a great article, and at the end it lists, “5 ways to Improve your ‘disaster personality.’”  The first thing on the list is attitude.  The article says, “People who respond well to trauma tend to have three underlying advantages: a belief that they can influence events, an ability to find meaningful purpose in life’s turmoil and a conviction that they can learn from positive and negative experiences. 


This is a great tip for all of life not just when faced with a disaster.  People with bad attitudes many times blame someone or something else.  Now I am not denying that bad or difficult things happen to people, but it is the individual’s choice to have a good or bad attitude about the situation.  No one can force another person to have a negative attitude about someone or something.  May be we just need to have a more positive outlook. 


3. Finally I have been part of a group of adults who have been discussing the book Comeback Churches.  In the last chapter the authors write, “The two most prominent issues identified by comeback leaders were attitude and finances.”  The authors interviewed over 300 churches and data they got was that attitude is key.


This speaks volumes to how important having a good attitude is. 




No one can force you to have a bad attitude.  Ultimately you are in control of your outlook and attitude toward good and bad situations in your life.  So does that mean we all need to just pull up our bootstraps and decide once and for all that were are going to have a good attitude about life?  I guess you could try that, but I bet it won’t last very long.


Paul in his letter to the Philippians wrote these words, “Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content.” 4:11


And then in his first letter to Timothy Paul wrote, “Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment.” 6:6


I don’t think Paul just decided one day I am going to be positive about everything.  I think God had something to do with it.  Paul had a rough life after he started his relationship with Christ, but he also found contentment.  Maybe our attitude is a reflection of our contentment with Christ. 



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