How time flies

There are moments when it feels like time is standing still and there are moments when time just flies by.  This year has flown by.  School has just started and that got some students thinking about some things we have done during the school year.  This week my wife and I looked at the sports schedule to see what evenings I would be gone, and when she would be able to go along.  It also brought up a great story from last October that I love and I think some of our students enjoy. 

October 19, 2007 two adults, about 10 students, and myself drove about 20 minutes to eat dinner then drove another 20 minutes to see a high school edition of The Wizard of Oz that we had some students participating in.  We laughed a lot especially when we were buying tickets for the play and I was asked if I was a student also.  Our students loved that especially since I will be turning 30 here soon.  Well the evening was great and I got home about 10:30pm.  I got into bed and at 1:30 my wife woke me up saying we need to go to the hospital.  And that afternoon at 12:52 Jenna was born.  Here are some pics of Jenna below.

Our happy baby

Our morning baby

Our morning baby


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