The Random Strangers I Trust

As I prepare a sermon on Isaiah 30 and the theme of trusting God, this got me thinking about the complete strangers I trust.  People like

  • The Used Salespeople on I have never met any of these people yet I continue to buy stuff from them.  What makes it worse is that I judge them by their seller rating, which is written by complete strangers.  I just assume they will send me what they say they will
  • The Drive-thru Workers: It is a rare thing for me to check the bag before I pull away from the window. 
  • Doctors: Not once have I looked at their diplomas, asked what their GPA was in Medical School, or even ask if they went to Medical School
  • Every Driver in Town: I love to ride my bike places and I wear a helmet.  I tell people that I wear a helmet not because I am afraid I am going to fall off my bike, I am really afraid I might get hit.  Just ride your bike through my town and you will feel the same.

Just a few that I have thought of, if you have any funny ones please let me know.


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