The Flying V of Youth Ministry

In the Mighty Ducks movie the final game is won on a play that requires the entire team to work together as one.  This is the climactic moment where many individuals put aside individual desires for the betterment of the team.  I wonder how many youth ministries work this way?  This has been something I have been wrestling with for six months.

We took our students to summer camp in June where all the adults were given a copy of Greg Stier’s book Ministry Mutiny.  I read the book and bought about ten copies for all of my youth volunteers to read.  On our back to school retreat while the youth were in their Bible Study the adults got together to talk about this book and our youth ministry.  This got me on the track of thinking, what direction is our youth ministry headed.

Fast forward to last month where myself and about 12 adults began reading and discussing the book of Acts and Simple Church.  As we are reading through this book I am thinking this needs applied to our youth ministry.  In chapter seven the authors of Simple Church write,

Sadly, most churches look like a discombobulated Mr. Potato Head.  Everything is badly mixed up.  The parts of the body are not aligned as they should be.  Confusion abounds.  While it is funny on the toy, it is not funny for churches.

Substitute “youth ministries” for “churches.” 

We do all the “right things” in our youth ministry.  We do Bible studies, retreats, mission projects, have fun, and have serious time.  But all of these things seem to be separate entities with nothing being connected.  Should there not be an overarching purpose that everything is centered around.  I think that while we do a lot of good things separately, collectively they are not helping us make disciples.  So where do we go from here?


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