The Relationship merry-go-round: what youth want and what youth see.

This article “It’s not just sex” written by Jason Soucinek is linked on the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding website and it is a great article.  Many of things said most youth ministers have probably heard before but I was especially glad to read this.

Recently I spoke to a class of 27 high school students. Out of that group, 21 do not have both parents living at home. Many are dealing with a recent divorce, remarriage, living with a sibling or relative, and even mistreatment from a stepparent. Of the other six, only three had parents who are actively involved in their life. Still many, if not all, of the students want to marry. In fact, surveys show that over 90 percent of teens want to marry at some point in their life. However, over 60 percent of those teens who say they want to marry do not think it will be lifelong.

This is why I appreciated this.  Every youth that wants to get married probably has this picture in their head that their marriage will be better than _______(fill in the blank).  Theirs will be different it will last.  The problem is that many youth are not ever having the opportunity to observe a quality marriage relationship.  So they are picturing something in their mind, but have no idea how to accomplish it because they have never seen it, nor do they know who to talk to.  And this is where youth ministries must step in.

We must put as many godly examples of marriage in front of them while we have them.  That may mean taking senior adult couples on events or even letting them talk in a Bible study.  We must show youth that there is hope out there for a marriage to make it. 


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