Thoughts on the National Youth Workers Convention

My wife and I spent Nov. 21-24 in Nashville, TN at the National Youth Workers Convention.  Overall we had a good time here is the good and the bad from my perspective.

  • Francis Chan was great.  I will probably buy the dvd and sit down with all my youth workers and have them watch it.  At one point in his talk he said, “If Paul had a youth ministry today it would suck.”  What he was saying is that Paul would call students to commit their lives to follow Christ, and because he would do that, he would not have a lot of students come. 
  • Mike Pilavachi was great.  He said that you have to allow students to minister, but you have to expect them to minister badly at first.  They will never get it right the first time.  What a great reminder, when we as youth ministers think, well I can just do it better myself.
  • The Talk back time was much appreciated.  On Sunday morning they had different subjects set up for you to go and discuss with other youth ministers.  I went to, Small town youth ministry, and while I may not have walked away with a lot of helpful info.  I did walk away encouraged because I got to meet some people that are swimming in the same pool I am. 
  • I missed Greg Stier.  Because our hotel did not have a room for us until 5:00pm on Friday I was unable to go to Greg Stier’s session.  Very disappointed.
  • If you are ever in Nashville you must eat at Demo’s.  My wife and I ate there twice.  The food was great, but the service was incredible.  I told the cashier when I paid that Amanda gave us excellent service, and to pass the message on to the manager.  The cashier told me, we here that all the time about her. 
  • Shane and Shane were awesome.  Maybe it is because I like that style of music, but in my opinion they are great worship leaders.  I love simple and acoustic worship and they do that well.
  • Was not impressed with facility.  Two years ago I went in Cincinnati and the facility was great, Nashville did not impress me, but does Nashville really care what I think.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on the National Youth Workers Convention

  1. Hey i was at the Small Town Youth Ministry talk as well and felt the same way. I walked away feeling encouraged because I knew I wasn’t the only one who struggled with the same things.

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