Teaching Christmas Creatively and Intentionally

This Sunday will begin our youth series on Christmas.  One of my soap boxes is churches or ministries that only spend one week talking about Christmas.  Now my preference is that we would sing Christmas carols all year round but I am yet to find a church willing to do that.  But in our youth ministry we will spend the majority of the month of December talking about Christmas. 

This year we are going with The Christmas Carol theme and teaching on 1. Christmas Past,  2. Christmas Present, and 3. Christmas Future.

We are going to make Jesus’ birth as the present time.  So for these Bible studies we will be living in the time of Mary and Joseph. 

With that being said, Christmas Past will be the Old Testament proclaiming that a Messiah is coming to save the world, and the fact that until Jesus came to earth He had always been in heaven taking part in creation. 

Christmas Present will be the story of Jesus’ birth. 

Christmas Future will be how did the birth of Christ effect us.  What would have happened if Jesus had never been born?  How did that single moment in history change the future for an entire world.


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