Teaching Christmas Past: A series on teaching Christmas Creatively and Intentionally

As I shared in a previous post we will be teaching Christmas with some creativety this year.  We are going at it with the theme of Dickens’s Christmas Carol.  This last Sunday was Christmas Past, Dec. 14th will be Christmas Present, and Dec. 21st will be Christmas Future.

I was pleased with how the lesson on Christmas Past went.  I began with having the students give me an overview of the Dickens’s Christmas Carol.  What I found out as I was researching was that Dickens wrote the Christmas Carol to make a point.  He was unhappy with the way the poor were being treated so he wrote this story to help unmask the social injustices going on.  So after the students relayed the “facts” of the Christmas Carol to me I was able to share with them that this was more than just a story.

We then went through the “facts” of the Christmas story.  We then talked about how most people just view this story as a random factaul story that is a great story but not life changing.

I explained that we will be viewing the “present” as Jesus’ birth, so the “past” would be everything before Jesus’ birth, and the “Christmas future” would be today.

We then went through the Old Testament passages that were prophesy about the actual birth narrative.   After this we discussed that these were things said hundreds of years before Jesus was born.  The way Jesus was born was not just a random happening, but it was a fulfillment of God’s prophesy.  God had been preparing for how Jesus would come to earth hundreds of years before He actually came.  This was all part of God’s plan, not only that Jesus WOULD come, but HOW He would come. 

I also asked what Jesus was doing before He was born on earth.  To this I got a great response, “chilling with God in heaven,” which I guess is accurate.  An important detail that had to be included was that Jesus has always been.  He was part of Creation from the beginning. 

Overall the Bible Study went well.


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