Teaching Christmas Present: A series on teaching Christmas Creatively and Intentionally

So Sunday night I had planned on continuing our series on Christmas, with the Bible Study Christmas Present, not as a gift but as past, present, and future.  But Saturday I was struck with the wonderful stomach flu, so I had the pleasure of laying on the couch all Sunday. 

Our Christmas study is taken from the Christmas Carol, we are doing a Christmas Past study(before Jesus, Christmas Present study(birth of Jesus), and a Christmas Future study(everything after Jesus). 

I will be doing the Bible Study this Wednesday though and then finishing up with Christmas Future, on the 21st.  So if interested here is where I was going with the Bible Study: Christmas Present.

Intoduction: There are signs all around us that Christmas is approaching.  Wal-mart puts their tree up right in front of the door.  Every radio station plays the same 80’s Christmas songs, and the junk mail has a holiday theme to it. 

Bible Study:  Well there are signs actually in the Christmas story also.  There are four very distinct signs.

Sign 1: Shut Up Zechariah  In Luke 1:5-25 God tells Zechariah that they will have a son.  He does not believe them and questions the messenger, which was not a good idea.  Gabriel then tells him, this will happen and here is your sign, you will be unable to talk until the baby is born.  What a creative sign that God gives. 

Sign 2: Elizabeth is Pregnant In Luke 1:26-38 God goes to Mary and says you will have a baby.  Mary’s response is not a lack of faith, more a question of fact.  Babies come from a man and a woman getting together and she has not done that.  Gabriel says this is how you know it will happen, your sign is that Elizabeth is pregnant.

Sign 3: Baby in a manger After Jesus is born complete strangers are told about a Savior being born and so the shepherds want to check it out.  Luke 2:8-18 tells us that the sign would be they would find the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.  The Savior of the world is visited by strangers lying in a manger, another strange sign

Sign 4: We saw the star The wise men come to see Jesus.  Yes I do know they did not show up at the nativity scene but years later, but it is still a good sign.  Matthew 2:2 tells us that these strange people from the east followed a star into a land not their own, to see a king that was not their own.  Yet they come bearing gifts no less. 

Here are the signs of Christmas.  They are not random but preordained by God.  He set in motion this plan hundreds of years earlier, and here it comes to fruition.  These are signs that God is at work, He is in control.


2 thoughts on “Teaching Christmas Present: A series on teaching Christmas Creatively and Intentionally

  1. Hello,
    I am the Youth and Campus Pastor at St. Paul’s UMC in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I found your site while trying to come up with some real but unique way of leading the youth through the Christmas story. I think this is a wonderful study, and I hope it’s ok if I borrow from it for worship tonight. Thanks!

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