Teaching Christmas Future: A series on teaching Christmas Creatively and Intentionally

Sunday Night was our Christmas party and the final Bible Study on our Christmas series.  We talked about traditions that our families have regarding how we celebrate Christmas.  We also discussed that we are in control of how we celebrate Christmas.

People complain because Christmas is lost in consumerism or it is to stressful, when in fact we have made it that way.  We can not blame the mall or stores for making Christmas about gifts, those stores can not force us to spend money.  If we want Christmas to be about Jesus, then it is our responsibility to make Christmas about Jesus.

We also had our “grey” elephant gift exchange.  It is actually a white elephant gift exchange, but one of our students doesn’t like that name because elephants are grey.  The highlight gift in our exchange was a GI Joe doll with no feet, one hand, the wrong head, and no clothes. 

Have a great Christmas!

Grey Elephant Gift Exchange

Grey Elephant Gift Exchange


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