Final Thoughts on Christmas

I had the pleasure of preaching at our church on Dec. 21st, the Sunday we celebrated Christmas, and as I was preparing I came across a verse I probably have read a hundred times but never thought about. 

Matthew 1 tells us that as Joseph was sleeping an angel of the Lord came to him to give him a message.  The message said,

                   She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he save his people from their sins.

We tend to end the Christmas story with Jesus being born and getting visitors, but that is not the end.  Joseph was told right from the beginning, that Jesus was coming to die.  The Christmas story does not end with the Wise Men, but with the cross.  Christmas must happen because it gets us to Easter.  Jesus was born, so that He could die. 

When we talk about Christmas or sing about Christmas it always ends with Jesus as this cute baby laying in a manger.  But Joseph and Mary knew differently.  To make this point I bought this great video called Christmas Connection, from Worship Media House.



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