When a baby walks where you don’t want to go

Yesterday my wife, 14 month old daughter, and myself went and did a little shopping.  Our last stop was at Kohls, where I was looking for a pair of shoes and my wife was looking for a purse.  I went and found my shoes quickly and then found my wife who was trying to watch our daughter Jenna, and shop, so I took Jenna.  Jenna is now walking and so she did not want to be held , but wanted to be fiercely independent, so I let her walk. 

Big Mistake.

Jenna proceeded to walk directly toward the women’s undergarment section.  I grabbed Jenna and proceeded to turn her around and walk toward a more manly section.  This was not what Jenna wanted so she proceeded to turn me around and walk straight back to the undergarment section.  After this happened a couple times, I thought maybe we would have wasted enough time so I went looking for my wife. 

Jenna and I were walking down the aisle, with the purses on the right, and the undergarment section on the left.  I was walking very slowly because I was holding Jenna’s hand.  About half way down the aisle I made eye contact with a woman who was looking at purses sitting on a rack that was about shoulder level.  I said hi to her and she said hello.  I then realized why I got a strange look.  Here was me a male walking very slowly between the purses and undergarments and because of the height of the purse rack she could not see Jenna.  After we passed her I heard this, “oh she is so cute, how old is she.”  It was the woman looking at the purses, I think relieved to see, that I was not alone walking slowly through the section.


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