Laziness hits an all time low

Today I drove by one of the car washes in our town, and it was a typical scene.  There are four spots where your car can be washed, 3 are do it yourself wash and the fourth is sit in your car and let it be washed.  Now it is unseasonably warm today here in Mexico,MO the high getting into the 50’s so many people are washing their cars.

Here is what bothers me.  The three bays that are do it yourself had either a car in them or no car in them, but no one was waiting in line after these.  Now the 1 sit in your car and get it washed bay had at least 4 cars waiting in line behind the one getting washed.  This is not an unusual scene.

Here is what bothers me.  It is cheaper to wash your car yourself in one of the three bays.  It is faster to wash your car yourself, because you won’t have to wait in the line.  Yet people sit in their cars, and waste money and time, I guess because they don’t want to get out and do it themselves.  How hard is it to wash your car. 

Why am I surprised by this, this same thing happens at church every week.  The majority of the people just sit and wait to be served, while the few actually get up, and get to work.


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