Middle School Night to Remember

We have 7th-8th grade ministry only on Wednesday nights.  Typically during the Bible Study time I get up and teach and try and have a discussion, but with 20-30 students, it turns into choas real quick.  I would really like to do small groups on Wednesday nights, but for a number of reasons we have done it for a short time, and not continued it. 

Last night we started a seven week series on Spiritual Basics and are doing it in small groups.  I had one High School helper and 6 or 7 middle school guys, and we discussed what it means to have a relationship with Christ.  It was a great night our group lasted probably 45 minutes and they asked me questions like, how can Jesus and God both be God and be different, or what about the people that never hear the gospel what happens to them, or how do I know if I have a good relationship with God.

These are the nights youth pastors live for.  I firmly believe that most of this would have never came up, if we were all sitting in one big group, but because we sat together and talked, instead of me teaching at them, they were more open to discussing.  Here is hoping that we can keep our small groups going.


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