Reflections on our Spring Break Retreat

2009 Spring Break Retreat

2009 Spring Break Retreat


We did our 3rd annual Spring Break Retreat this last weekend and here are some thoughts.

  • I am happy to say I know the greatest youth Bible Study teacher.  This was the eighth retreat we have done together, and fifth one with this church, and my students love him.  He faithfully teaches God’s Word and engages the students like no one I have seen.  If you need someone for a retreat let me know.
  • For the first time in five retreats I had to take two students home because they were sick.  It really got me out of my groove, and I never felt like I was really there.  But those students needed to go home, thankfully  they got better before they could have gotten worse.
  • I have the best adult volunteers.  They take care of all the food.  I can not tell you how much easier it is to do a retreat if  I don’t have to worry about teaching or food.  Man I have some great help. 
  • It still amazes me that our students will play board games for hours with each other.  At home these students have video games and cell phones attached to their hands, but on our retreats, they will sit with adults and actually play board games.  Our three favorites are Pit, Apples to Apples, and Imaginiff.  Imaginiff is hilarious.
  • Evangelism training is easier to do on a retreat, then trying to do a weekly series on it.  We did four Bible studies in a weekend, and if we had done them once a week for a month, they would have not gone as well. 
  • I have great students.  They listen.  They help each other.  Our high school students like being around our middle school students. 

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