Nothing says Easter like…

Saturday my wife and I, took our daughter Jenna and nephews to Going Bonkers, which if you don’t know is this 3 story play house for kids.  We got there right when it opened hoping that we would beat some of the Saturday crowd, but the parking lot was packed.  As we walked in, everyone was standing around waiting, and no kids were playing.  I asked a worker what was going on and he told me they were having an Easter Egg Hunt.  Now we did not know this was going on, but had just planned on coming to play.  Over the loud speaker the rules were explained, and each age group was given a designated area to hunt eggs.  My wife and I took Jenna, who is 18 months old, to the 3 and under area, and decided to let her hunt eggs. 

When they yelled go, it was mass chaos.  What we saw in the 3 and under area where parents frantically collecting eggs, “for their children.”  At one point my wife pointed at an egg, that was at her feet, and asked Jenna if she wanted to get it.  Before Jenna could, a parent came by and picked it up.  Now I may have chalked this up, to Jenna’s disinterest. 

But the next day we hid some eggs for Jenna and our nephews, and would you know, Jenna had a great time walking around grabbing eggs.  Jenna could go at her own speed, and felt no pressure to scoop  them up before some parent walked by and grabbed them. 

I think this is why I despise these type of events.  As a follower of Christ, I hear other Christians complain about the secularization of Christmas and Easter, and my opinion regarding that is, Peggy and I can explain to Jenna what these holidays really are.  But what I hate is parents who say, “for their children” they are willing to act like complete jerks to other children and families.


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