Why I am a lucky dad

Last night when I got home from youth, my wife told me that Jenna, our 18 month old daughter, wanted to take one of her books to bed.  This has been a reoccuring event every night this week.  After thinking about this I told Peggy we are pretty blessed with Jenna.  Jenna does throw an occasional fit, but she really cries when she wants more fruit, vegetables, or books. 

Yes I said fruit, vegetables, or books

She devours fruits and vegetables.  There are times when she will push dessert away just to get more grapes or oranges.  And if there are peas on her plate, those will always be consumed first, not just ate, but consumed.  Also I would guess that between Peggy and I we probably read 20-30 stories to Jenna a day.  Now really it is the same 5 or 6 stories read 5 times a day, but that is okay. 

I am thankful to God that He blessed us with such a great daughter.


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