My take on why the economy is bad

Monday of this week I was watching TV, when an infomercial came on.  They were selling the fifty commemorative quarters, that celebrate each of the States.  That wasn’t all, they were also throwing in for free, a very handy cardboard display thingy.  I don’t want to call it a display case, because I don’t think a display case can be made of cardboard.  Anyway when they finally got around to the price, they actually said, you can have these fifty commemorative quarters and the display thingy, for only two payments of $19.95.  Now I did the math and fifty quarters equals $12.50.  So let me get this right, I can buy $12.50 for $40.00.  With this kind of math no wonder we have a troubled economy.


One thought on “My take on why the economy is bad

  1. THAT is the purest form of causing someone to think (not think) that they are getting a great deal. Who really does the math, ya know. That’s just like Satan, he dresses up everything with a cardboard box and people buy it. Then their spiritual lives are bancrupt.
    Good post, thanks.

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