My favorite Michael Jackson Story and Worship

I have shared this story several times as a Bible Study illustration, because I think it makes a great point.  On February 3rd 2005 the Kansas City Star ran an article entitled Devoted fans vow to stay put through trial.  In the story, which I still have, it shares how two women quit their jobs, moved into a motel together, and worked the night shift at a drugstore  all for one reason.  So that they could get up at 4:00am, get ready, and stand “vigil” at the courthouse during the Michael Jackson trial.  These women made extreme sacrifices all for worship, what else can you call it. 

What if we worshiped like that?  What if we worshiped Jesus Christ, with the same heart and zeal, that they worshiped Michael Jackson?  Romans 12:1 tells us that we are to be, “living sacrifices” and that it is our, “reasonable act of worship.”


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