It’s been awhile/summer highlights

I started this as a discipline that I wanted to keep going, and at times it has gone well at other times it has not.  It has been a busy summer but it is now officially over, so maybe I can try and revive the discipline again.  Here are some good/bad highlights for the summer.

  • We went almost the entire summer without tv.  We could still watch movies, but once the digital change over happened everything went away.  It was not that bad.
  • Mission Trip-got to join with 4 other youth groups to do a mission trip to N. Dakota, went extremely well.
  • The only full-time staff member.  I am now it for the time being, this will stretch me.
  • Stopped Reading: I was so busy that I basically just stopped reading for the summer.  I had started The Faith by Chuck Colson and Simple Student Ministry by Eric Geiger, but never got a chance to finish them, now looking forward to it.
  • Got to write the Bible Studies for our Back2School Retreat our theme was Loving God/Loving Others.  Enjoyed the writing, would have enjoyed it more if less busy.

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