Actually Enjoying the Word of God

About six months ago I stood before our high school ministry group and told them that I knew that some of them were trying to figure out how to follow Christ.  I then told them that if they were interested in a unique Bible Study that would meet once a month to send me a text, email, or facebook me.  I got seven responses, and to those seven people I sent a notebook with instructions on reading the Gospel of Matthew.  After a month of reading Matthew we met at my wife and I’s house for a great time of fellowship, eating, and in-depth discussion of Matthew.  At the conclusion of this time the students were allowed to decide where we would go next.  I told them I would not do Revelation and that I wanted to stay in the New Testament, so they chose Romans.  I warned them that Romans would be hard, but they went with Romans.

Sunday we met again and discussed Romans after reading it for almost two months.  Now I had read the book of Romans many times before, but there was something about reading it over and over.  I read it and took notes.  I read it and did not take notes.  Sometimes I took detailed notes, other times I looked for specific words or phrases.  I read out of different versions.  I entered into this reading with some preconceived questions, and exited with more questions than answers, and here is the joy.

I had a professor tell us in class one day that it was not his job or wish to answer our questions that we have about the Bible, but to get us to ask the right questions about the Bible.  He was not calling us stupid, but just letting us know that there was an entire world out there that we thought we could interpret and understand, and in truth we had not even touched it.

So I leave Romans and move on to the Gospel of John and 1, 2, and 3 John truly enjoying the journey.  I enjoy jumping into the deep end of God’s Word, and greatly enjoy looking forward to discussing it with some great high schoolers, who are striving to spend time with God.


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