Where my hope lies?

As I was teaching one of our church’s Bible studies, I made the comment, “Sometimes instead of putting our hope in God, we put our hope in what we want God to do.”  I am absolutely positive this came into my mind and out of my mouth for me to ponder on.  I had not planned on saying this, nor had I thought about this at all, when I was preparing to teach, but there it was.

Too often I put my hope in what I want God to do, and not simply in God.  This sets me up for failure every time.  Because when I put my hope in what I want God to do, I am really putting my hope in my own plans and dreams.  My plans and dreams are flawed.  My ideas are selfish and self-centered.  And when things don’t work out the way I want, I get frustrated and mad.

If I put my hope in God then, I trust His will.  I trust Him to do what is best for me.  I do not get frustrated or mad, because I know God will do what is best.  I rely on the one person who is in complete control, and always has not only my best interest at heart, but most importantly what will bring the most glory to Him.


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