Sports: It’s not just a game anymore.

This morning I was visiting ESPN checking to see how Duke was fairing in the polls, when I found this article, NCAA deems 7th Graders as Prospects.  About two weeks ago, I found this article, Barely Teenagers Already Groomed for Football Stardom, thanks to  Here is a quote from the second article.   “In major sports they start identifying their best players in seventh and eighth grade.” Continue reading


Why sports are ruining students: Part 3 losing makes you a loser

Some time ago I observed a scene I found disturbing.  I was at a student track meet and they were running the 4×100 relay.  As the anchor leg for what would be the second place team crossed the line, the runner ran out of the fence surrounding the track past me, sat down on a step, and proceeded to cry.  Now this was not a silent cry but those of us in the general area could see and hear her.  All of this because the runner got second place, and at this point I realized something; no one can lose.  Continue reading

Why sports are ruining students: Part 2 The hidden “I” in team

My favorite sport to watch on TV is probably college basketball.  I thoroughly enjoyed this years final four, because I think I was able to see 4 good TEAMS.  Now there were certain players that may have gotten more TV time than others, but I don’t think NC or UCLA would have been great had they surrounded their star players with the likes of people like me.  I even think that the two best TEAMS made it to the National Championship.  They were well coached, talented teams that played as TEAMS. Continue reading

Why sports are ruining students: Part 1 COMPETITION

Before I begin this let me share with you that I enjoy sports.  I enjoy watching and playing many different sports.  I was overjoyed to see KU win the National Championship.  But I am watching something happen with regards to sports that I believe is not good.

So with that in mind I write this three part series dealing with Competition, Losing-no one can, and The blatant “I” in team. Continue reading

Random things that make me laugh

1. Terrell Owens at his on the field press conference after last nights game.  He actually complimented his team and did not talk about how good he was.  He was nice, did not criticize teammates, did not complain about the amount of passes he got; it won’t last. 

2. The fact that in my 6 person fantasy football league the 3 adults are beating the 3 students. 

3.  This video.  I love jr. highers and their willingness to try anything.  Also their great ability to laugh at themselves and each other without taking it personally.  Watch and enjoy.