Does what I think matter?

Sunday morning we sang one of my least favorite songs “Breathe.”  If you are not familiar the lyrics are This is the air I breathe, This is the air I breathe, your holy presence living in me, This is my daily bread, this is my daily bread, your very word living in me.  Chorus And i..i..i.. am desperate for you, And I..I..i.. am desperate for you, I’m lost without you.

One of the main reasons I don’t like or actually hate the song is because it has this very odd New Age feel to it.  Everytime I hear those words, This is the air I breathe something inside of me wants to just grit my teeth and yell.  But as the song was being sung I thought about the sermon I will preach on Sept. 21st.  I will be talking about Trusting God from Isaiah 30. 

Isaiah 30 is God encouraging Israel not to seek refuge from Egypt but to find it in Him.  As usual in Israel’s Old Testament history they make the wrong decision and reap what they sow.  Back to the song.  As the chorus was being sung I realized it really doesn’t matter if I think or believe that I am lost without God or desperate without God.  The truth of the matter is I am.  Whether I sing those words or believe those words does not change the fact that God is completely trustworthy whether I trust Him or not.

In Isaiah 30 God is wanting Israel to take Him at His word.  He is worthy to be trusted, whether they want to admit it or not.  This certainty can be reassuring, in a personal life and in a corporate church life, as it should have been for Israel. 

Each one of us individually and corporately, if part of a church, sit at a crossroads, will we be willing to trust God or not.