3rd Annual High School vs. Adult Kicball Game





Sunday was our 3rd annual High School vs. Adult kickball game.  The adults were behind most of the game.  In our last at bat we needed one run to tie and two to win, but could only pull off one run.  So the decision was made to play one extra inning and if nobody scored the game would end in a tie. 

The adults allowed no runs in the top half of the inning and scored one run with two outs to win the game.  Most importantly the parents, adults, and students all had a great time.  If anyone has any other ideas of how to get students and parents together and have a good time let me know.


High School vs. Adult Kickball 2 Adults win 18-13

In a hard fought battle on the kickball field the Adults came away victorious in a final score of 18-13.  The game started great for the adults; they scored 8 runs in the first inning, but the students chipped away at that very quickly.  For a long time the score was 13-12, with much tension and drama.  There were diving catches, home runs, and lots of laughing. 

Actually this is one of the most enjoyable events for me.  This is an opportunity for parents and students to come together and have a great time. 

Adult team wins

Adult team wins

High School vs. Adult Kickball Round 2

Last summer we played our first annual High School vs. Adult kickball game.  The adult team was made up of student workers and parents.  We had a great time, but unfortunately the adults lost 19-12 in a heart-breaking defeat.  Well the rematch is this Sunday and the adults are ready, all except me.  In an act of pure genius I have torn a ligament in my foot and will be playing the role of umpire this year instead of playing. 

This was one of the most enjoyable student events I have ever done.  We had close to 60 people at the park watching and playing.  This year we are BBQ before the game and hope to have even more there. 

Here is hoping the Golden Kickball goes to the adults this year.